Bowron Lake


Bowron Lake Provincial Park is located on the western slopes of the Cariboo Mountain Range. The Bowron Lake Canoe Circuit includes a 116 km chain of lakes, waterways, etc. Due to the park area, it possesses a diverse topography and vegetation. Bowron Lake Park also has a very pleasant 25-unit drive-in campground. The campground is located near the Registration Centre a short distance from Bowron Lake itself. There are also a few short walking trails nearby.

Video by: Kent Simmonds



  • Canoe trip takes from 6 to 10 days to complete. 
  • West side of the circuit can be paddled in 2 to 4 days. 
  • Recommended wilderness canoeing experience. 
  • Canoes and kayaks are allowed on the circuit. 
  • Motorized boats are not permitted. 

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