Crooked and Loon Lakes


Crooked lake is located north of Canim lake or one hour east of horsefly, nearby to the Wells Gray provincial park. Quite a charming spot. Part of the BC “Land of Hidden Waters”. These lakes are about 3 hours apart from each other. Loon lakes is about 45 minutes east from Clinton. Between the Arrowstone hills and the Bonaparte Plateau.

Video by: Kent Simmonds


  • Signature paddling stops. 
  • Excellent for Canoeing and kayaking 
  • Crooked Lake-Remote wilderness resort 
  • Excellent for Canoeing and kayaking 
  • Crooked Lake-Boat launch and recreational sites on the Crooked lake south area 
  • Loon Lake-ranches, resorts and heritage buildings. 
  • Loon Lake is along the Gold Rush Trail. 

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